What to Do with Your Soap Bits

Do you toss out that little sliver of Sandlapper Soap when you get to the end of the bar? Most people toss out their soap bits, but if you saved all of those little slivers over weeks or months, you could save a fair amount of money if you repurposed them. We think our soap is too good to toss away, so we found these five great ideas to try.

  • The simplest and perhaps most obvious solution is to press the sliver into the bottom of your next bar. Use a bit of water to seal it. Nothing fancy here, but it works.
  • Want to give soap making a try? You can try to make some rebatched soap. Once you’ve collected enough scraps, you can reform them to create an entirely new bar of soap. There are many different ways to do this with the tools you have in your kitchen. Search the Internet a bit and find a well-rated recipe. We do this at the Price house with end pieces and end cuts.
  • The ECOBAGS all natural cotton soap bag at www.SandlapperSoaps.com.
  • If you’re a gardener, place the slivers in the toe of an old pair of pantyhose and hang it near your outside spigot. You’ll have soap on hand for when you’re finishing up a day doing some outdoor dirty work. And like the ECOBAGS soap bag, the pantyhose will help to create lather.
  • If deer or other critters nibble your plants, use the other toe of your pantyhose, drop a few soap slivers into the toe of an old pair of panty hose, tie it up, and hang it from whatever plant you’re trying to protect. The soapy scent will keep those critters away.

Do you save your soap slivers or toss them away? We’ll look for other ways to reuse the soap pieces. If you have any ideas, let us know.

If you don’t know why we feel Sandlapper Soap is such a treasure, learn more about handmade soaps here.

2 thoughts on “What to Do with Your Soap Bits

  1. My grandfather had a soap cup in the bathroom..bit and pieces went into that cup. He would add a little water and use the “lather brush” to make a wonderful soapy foam and shaved with it..my Dad did this as well..thanks for bringing back a little forgotten memory..:)

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