A Bar Soap Comeback?

Did you know that if you use a bar soap in the shower or tub; you’re on the cutting edge of popular culture? We’ve been awash (yes, I did that) in a flood of liquid body washes for years now, but bar soaps are regaining their place as the go-to shower solution for a few reasons.

We’ve got Chemistry

The beauty bars of the past contained high levels of alkaline and had a pH level of 9-10; they contain synthetic detergents which approach the skin’s normal pH levels. We’ve written before that the grocery store beauty bars aren’t real soap. Our soaps come directly from the saponification process and they contain all of the glycerin created during the soap making process; those detergent body washes and beauty bars don’t contain glycerin unless it’s added during the manufacturing process.

Benefits of Bar Soaps

Even the Beauty brands are reporting that sales of their bar “soaps” are way up as women realize that they are not all necessarily drying to the skin, are less expensive than body wash and require less packaging/are better for the environment. Bar soaps are more hygienic than body washes since they contain no water for bacteria growth. We suggest that you use a draining soap dish to preserve our soaps as long as possible, but that has a side effect of increasing hygiene, since the bar isn’t sitting in a puddle of dirty water.

And a bar of our soap will give you a little psychological boost too since you have better control, they last longer, and there seems to be something soothing about the weight of the bar in your hand. And they’re better for the environment since you’re not washing high levels of chemicals down the drain and we have less packaging than a bottled wash.

Want to be on the cutting edge of handmade soap? Learn more about our soaps at www.SandlapperSoaps.com

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