DIY Soapy Snowman

This may be the only time we write that it’s OK to use a supermarket soap, but this idea was so clever, we wanted to share it with you. This idea came out of the Sun-Sentinel newspaper in Florida. You might do this with the kids or grands over the Holidays.

Here’s a fun craft. All it takes is around 10 minutes and you’ve got yourself a festive snowman to scrub away. You can watch as it slowly melts!

You will need:

  • A bar of ivory soap
  • A cheese grater
  • A bowl
  • Food coloring
  • A spoon
  • A thin paint brush
  • Paper (newspaper/ tinfoil/ waxpaper)
  • Take one bar of white soap  (There’s your cue to use a supermarket soap. Our Sandlapper soaps are much too precious to make a snowman. ;-)


  1. Grate soap completely into bowl
  2. Pour a little bit of water into the bowl with the soap
  3. Stir with a spoon so that it starts to clump together
  4. Take out soap and place it into three different piles on the paper. Try to make the piles different sizes.
  5. Roll the piles into three separate balls and place them one on top of the other so that the smallest one is on the top and largest on the top. Make sure that the bottom one is flat on the bottom so that it will stand on a surface.
  6. Take the food coloring and drip it onto the paper.
  7. Using the paintbrush paint a face onto the snowman and buttons.

Extra: If you want to get creative you can use a thin piece of cloth as a scarf or some fabric as a hat. If you want to make it a different color, drip some food coloring into the bowl as you mix in the water.

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